Monash: The Outsider Who Won A War

Australian general Sir John Monash changed the way wars were fought and won. When the British and German high commands of the First World War failed to gain ascendency after fours years of slaughter never before seen in human history, Monash used innovative techniques and modern technology to plan and win major battles, forcing Germany to capitulate.His obsessional, brilliant planning, coupled with a ruthless streak, caused him to break the German army in a succession of battles that led to the end of the Great War.Author Roland Perry brings to life the fascinating story of the man whom many have judged as the greatest-ever Australian. Monash:

The Outsider Who Won A War draws on the subject's comprehensive letter and diary archive - one of the largest in Australia's history. The result is a riveting portrait that reaches to the heart of the true Monash character. It weaves together the many strands of his life as a family man, student, engineer, businessman, lawyer, renaissance man, teacher, soldier, leader, romantic and lover of the arts.

Perry's Monash Received Universal Acclaim

Monash: The Outsider Who Won a War, which was universally critically acclaimed. Former Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, said in a speech to the National Archives of Australia on June 2007: 'This wonderful a superb work, and [part of] the growing store of what can only be called epic Australian histories of that period.'

In August 2004, former leader of the Labor Opposition, Kim Beazley launched the book in Sydney and saw it as a gernerational work: 'This biography of Monash is for our time, our generation....The author has expertly put the story of this great Australian's life in both historical and political perspective.' Also in August 2004, General Sir Peter Cosgrove launched the book in Canberra at the Australian War Memorial and saw Monash as a 'gripping and vibrant account of Monash's life....a riveting, compelling and accessible biography of a man of contrasts rather than contradictions.' Former Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett launched it in Melbourne, saying: 'The detail in this book is staggering and fascinating; the narrative is strong and well-written. It is a page turner...which covers a vital part of history.'

Former NSW Premier Bob Carr wrote in the Australian Jewish News': 'This biography is compelling and wholly absorbing...John Monash is among the most remarkable Australians of his time.'

The Canberra Times review said Monash 'was a rattling good read. In this book there is something for everyone. The lay reader will receive a comprehensive and comprehensible rehearsal of the ANZAC Corps battles, both on Gallipoli and the Western Front.' The Herald Sun wrote it was 'highly readable...inspiring.' The Sydney Morning Herald wrote 'Perry's book tells a heroic story at a ripping pace.'

The Australian Book Review noted that 'Perry is in his element discussing reputations and intrigues...He brings into sharp focus the influence of Monash's lover Lizzie Bentwich both during and after the war.' Whereas, The Australian reviewer said: 'Perry has produced a blockbuster. He grips the distinguishing facets of Monash's character and personality...'