Don Bradman The Definitive Biography - Based on Exclusive Interviews with the Don

'In the summer of 1930 a cricketing machine, by the name of Donald Bradman, played havoc around the county grounds of England, pulverising the finest bowlers in the land, shattering records left, right and centre, and making a tour debut the like of which will surely never be seen again.' WH Ferguson, scorer for the Australians.

Comprehensively researched, compelling and immensely readable, Don Bradman is the story of how the 'boy from Bowral' became one of Australia's most remarkable sporting heroes, inspiring our nation during the dark days of the Depression, the Second World War and beyond with world-record breaking scores and sensational innings - and establishing a reputation that endures to the present day. Based on exclusive interviews with Bradman himself, Perry's biography of the man who came to be known simply as The Don was widely acclaimed on first publication and reveals how his success was based on a crucial mixture of determination, ambition - and that extraordinary talent which was often described simply as 'genius'.

The biography of Sir Donald Bradman, The Don, went to the top of the best-seller lists in Australia and had the most positive run of ‘notices’ of books in Australia and the UK. Wrote renowned cricket writer, E. W. Swanton in the UK Cricket Magazine: ‘The Don is an unsurpassable record of a phenomenal figure, from Lord’s to the moment of writing, has been, if any man ever has, a victim of his fame.’[32]

The Melbourne Herald Sun wrote: ‘The Don is a sterling biography... it gives a riveting account of many of Bradman’s innings, and one can almost feel the excitement that gripped cricket fans when he strode out to bat.’